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2016: Berlin, Germany, the establishment of passive housing technology research and development center;
2015: established CRETID green building e-commerce Co., Ltd.; build domestic professional passive real materials o2o line built green mall; o2o online "green building mall e-commerce platform; established Zhejiang Passive Building Design Co., Ltd., Zhejiang CRETID YIJU Technology Co., Ltd..
2014: In Beijing, the establishment of the CRETID Energy Technology Co., Ltd., founded in CRETID, Pinghu CRETID door and window Technology Co., ltd..
2013: In Hangzhou, the establishment of WOXIN Energy Technology Co., Ltd., in Hangzhou, the construction of the Hamburg home experience.
2012: was identified as the national high and new technology enterprise; "AAA Shou contract re credit units"; Anji Creek on Huangyuan court green real estate project investment.
2011: CRETID and the Shanghai World Expo will Museum in Hamburg, Germany, signed a technical cooperation agreement, China to obtain the exclusive of the Expo will be the Hamburg Museum of replication and off-site naming rights; CRETID group to the China green building energy system integration operators for successful transformation.
2010: to participate in the construction of solar energy system in World Expo, Shanghai, Madrid, finalists national building materials to the countryside pilot enterprises".
2009: to participate in the construction of the Guangzhou Asian Games venues.
2008: to participate in the Olympic Stadium Bird's nest building, made China's green faucet, China sanitary ware brand, China's water-saving certification.


In 2007, the company achieved ISO14001, OHSAS18001 system certification.
In 2006, "YDX" trademark awarded as famous trademark of Zhejiang Province, Yongdexin brass valves by AQSIQ awarded "National inspection free products", "Zhejiang Province famous brand".
2004, in Pinghu, Zhejiang Economic Development Zone investment 60 million yuan, the new 60 thousand square meters of modern plant and R & D center, the development of new energy.
In 2003, investment billion yuan in Zhejiang Province Economic Development Zone, Yuhuan Auto Park, the new 4.7 million square meters of modern workshop and production equipment and testing.
In 2002, the "YDX" trademark was named the famous trademark of Taizhou City, the company was awarded the "top 100 enterprises"".
In 1999, enterprises to import ISO9000 international quality management system.
In 1998, the business changed to the "Zhejiang Credit Technology Co.,Ltd." and obtain the right to export.
In 1997, the company by the original tea road Shanxi old plant a new plant in Shuanglong road.
In 1995, the company changed to the "Yuhuan Yongdexin Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd." to the State Trademark Office registered "YDX" trademark.

In 1990, in Fuzhou, Fujian set up a plumbing trading company, to open up the market in Guangdong, Fujian.
In 1988, started production of copper valves.
In 1980, the establishment of Yuhuan County Shuanglong auto parts factory.
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