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As a new type of pipe material, PPR pipe has a unique advantage, it can be used as a cold water pipe, can also be used as a hot water pipe, or even pure drinking water pipeline. Due to its non-toxic, light weight, pressure, corrosion resistance, is a promotion of the material. PPR pipe interface adopts the technology of melting, between the tubes completely fused together, so once the installation of pressure test by, not like aluminum pipe exist for a long time aging leakage phenomenon, PPR pipe known as never scaling, never rust, never leakage, green water supply material.

Identification Method of PPR Tube
In recent years, PP-R pipe market is developing rapidly, the inside of the building the superiority in the field of hot and cold water supply has been widely recognized by the government departments and people from all walks of life, but at the same time the market true PP-R pipe cohabitation, authenticity, and shoddy PP-R pipe service life of only 1-5 years, and true PP-R pipe service life of more than 50 years. Many consumers of PP-R pipe performance and how to identify poorly understood, most of the time is "who renovated who heard", the interests of consumers difficult to protect but also is not conducive to the brand pipe to become bigger and stronger.

Now for everyone to introduce the method to identify PP-R plastic pipe, to help consumers identify the merits of PP-R tube.
First: to identify texture, in general, the inside and outside of the rough surface of the particles are likely to be doped with impurities.
Second: to smell the odor, PP-R pipe is the main material of polypropylene, good pipe no odor, bad smell, the blending of other materials.
Third: to ignite the smell, the raw materials mixed with recycled plastic and other impurities in the PP-R tube will emit black smoke, there is a pungent odor. And good material when burning is not black smoke, no smell, burning, the molten liquid is still very clean.
Fourth: a clear understanding of the brand, pay attention to the choice of pipe key packaging, identification of the well-known manufacturers of clear and accurate. Recommended CREDIT Pipe Industry Co. Ltd with the "CREDIT" brand products. If you suspect that you have bought a fake product, please contact the service staff at 400-8845-999.

Characteristics of PP-R pipe for cold and hot water
1. No corrosion, never fouling, excellent health performance, detection results are far better than the 17219-1998 GB/T "drinking water equipment and protection of the safety of the material safety evaluation standards" requirements;
2. Light weight, the proportion of only 1/8 of the steel tube, easy to install, transport and connection. Labor cost savings;
3. Corrosion resistance, corrosion can effectively prevent ion water or chemical substances in the inner and outer;
4. The inner wall is smooth, the pressure loss of the system is small, and the speed of the water is fast;
5. Product color is soft, color variety, can meet the needs of various occasions.
6. Non-toxic, health. PP-R of the raw materials only carbon and hydrogen elements, no harmful toxic elements exist, health and reliable, not only for cold and hot water pipes, but also for the pure drinking water system.
7. Heat preservation and energy saving. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of PP-R tube is 0.21w/mk, which is only 1/200 of steel tube.
8. Better heat resistance. VEKA PP-R tube softening point 31.5. The maximum operating temperature can reach 95 degrees Celsius, which can meet the requirements of the hot water system in building water supply and drainage system.
9. Long service life. Under normal operating conditions, the service life of the PP-R tube is more than 50 years;
10. Convenient installation, reliable connection. PP-R has good welding performance, pipe, pipe fittings can be used hot melt connection, convenient installation, reliable connection, the strength of the connecting part of the pipe itself is greater than the strength.
Product Implementation Standard

National Standard: GB/T18742-2002, GB/T2918-1998, GB/T3682-2000, GB/T6111-1985, GB/T6671-2001, GB/T8806-1988, GB/T10798-2001, GB/T17219-2001, GB/T18743-2002
National Standard: ISO291:1997, ISO1133:1997, ISO/DP1167:1978, ISO2505:1994, ISO3126:1974, ISO4065:1996, ISO9854-1-9854-2:1994, ISO10508.
Product Quality Assurance
CREDIT hot and cold water with polypropylene (PP-R) pipes and fittings for carefully crafted by the industry first-class design and development team, through the design and development, after more than 30 most strict project detection, and ultimately selected the best products plan:
The choice of raw materials: 100% through the world well-known laboratory accreditation of random copolymer polypropylene (PP-R) raw materials;
Personnel requirements: all posts require long-term training, and through the assessment before allowing job;
Equipment selection: international first-class production and processing equipment;
Determination of process: the best production process by the rigorous test program;
Full quality control: from raw materials to the factory to the finished product, the whole process of quality control, full participation in quality management, strict implementation of the standard.
All of all, just want to be able to give customers more satisfied with the service, better return on society.

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