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CREDIT Exclusive Introduction of The German Hamburg Passive House Technology.
Chairman Peng Hanping and World Expo, Changan, Germany, Hamburg, Shanghai, China, the president signed the Hamburg rehabilitation cooperation agreement.
CREDIT thereby it, in Hangzhou Qianjiang economic development zone established low carbon industrial park, to "CREDIT - Hamburg, Germany home as the core technology base, according to the Shanghai World Expo will Museum in Hamburg, Germany, passive house standard rehabilitation, establish a benchmark of China's low carbon industry technology.

 CREDIT - The main function of the house of Hamburg, Germany
   International energy conservation technology exchange.
   Experience of climate characteristics in the north and south of China.
   International Green Building Research.
   China Shanghai Expo visit.
   System integration product display.
   Cultural exchanges between China and Germany.

"Passive House" Concept

"Passive house" concept began in 1996. In the German city of dam Stadler, scientists have invented a almost do not need external power supply of housing, it only needs a few energy start, the process is like a car after the ignition can do energy self-sufficiency. "Passive house" is a standard, after rigorous testing, the housing can get the name of the standard.

Home of Hamburg, Germany

Access to International Fair gold medal Expo Museum of Hamburg, is China's first certified passive house "(passive house, is located in the Shanghai World Expo's urban best practices area.
Hamburg house looks like 4 open drawers, do not need air conditioning and heating, can maintain the indoor temperature of about 25íŠ throughout the year. It uses a sophisticated "passive house" building software, Shanghai climate change data input, determine the unconventional toward design -- "northward", to avoid the high temperature weather in Shanghai. Hamburger home per square meter of energy consumption is equivalent to 50 degrees of electricity, only the ordinary office building electricity consumption of 1/4.
Hamburg's home is located at the Hamburg Port Metro H2O Office (Home) building as the prototype of the "passive house". Compared with its mother, "the house of Hamburg" is more advanced, and the characteristics of geography, climate, culture and other characteristics of Shanghai were improved.
Hamburg home through the geothermal heat pump to get heating, heating, ventilation, while heat insulation, insulation, and the construction of a variety of renewable energy is also a variety of renewable energy in the house of Hamburg to achieve. At the same time, "Hamburg house" collection from solar energy, geothermal, electrical temperature, and even the room temperature, the use of air and heat exchange to obtain energy. Such buildings do not need to take the initiative to provide energy.

25íŠ - The Secret of Constant Temperature and Humidity

"Passive house" of energy consumption is equivalent to 1 / 10 of the same area of the same volume of house, "hamburger" why so energy-saving, the fundamental reason is it achieves the minimum energy loss, in housing design and closed on the foot of the effort, not dependence on high technology. In order to ensure that the indoor temperature, "Hamburg house" of the building exterior wall is sealed, the wall is about 20 cm thick, the middle of 20 cm thick insulation layer, the inside is 10 cm of the brick layer, the entire wall is 50 cm thick.

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